College has very many best practices for the effective delivery of curriculum and overall development of student career. Some of the practices are;

  • Well qualified, competent teachers.
  • Remedial Classes
  • Career Guidance Institute entitled, MES Career Guidance Institute.
  • Mentor system.
  • Outstanding academic result.
  • Facilitating financial support for needy students at the time of admission.
  • Endowment prizes.
  • Arrange of Issuance of Buss Passes.
  • Set of books for students in every semester.
  • Employee Welfare i.e., PF, ESI, Group Insurance, Earned Leave, CL, Maternity Leave, etc., for management staff.
  • Falicitating staff and students, Who have brought laurels to the college.
  • Special care during illness of the students and staff.
  • TA/DA facility for participation of Sports and Cultural events.
  • Good amount of blood donation
  • Sufficient learning resources
  • Good number of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
  • Outstanding semester end result.
  • Champions at Zonal, Inter Zonal, Youth Festival continuously.
  • Parking, Canteen, Ladies’ Hostel facility.
  • Greenery atmosphere.
  • Conducive atmosphere
  • Facilities for carrying out Research, Projects, Surveys.
  • Safe Drinking water facility.


  • Blood Donation

There are many hospitals situated near to our college. Whenever they are in need of blood for patients, they are always relying on our college blood donors.

Blood donation is one of the most important donation which can save one’s life. The NCC cadets, NSS voluntaries and Red Cross and Youth Red Cross voluntaries and all the students of our institution are regularly donating their blood. We have conducted many blood donation camp, which is a very noble event of our college.

Our students are ready to donate their blood at any time during emergencies. The E-mail address and contact number have been recorded and maintained in the college to reach our students instantly.

  • Endowment Prizes

The institution has installed endowment prizes in order to identify and encourage the academic Excellency of the student. With the help of interest amount on the principal amount contributed by philanthropists, the prizes would be distributed among the selected students.

During the year 2018-19 47 endowment prizes worth Rs. 27,401/- have been distributed among 21 students.


Institutional Distinctiveness

We have produced N number of successful professionals like CAs, Lawyers, Management experts, Lecturers etc. We have students not only from Sirsi Taluk, but also from many places from various districts. Even though there are many other colleges situated in and around the city, number of student inflow to our college is increasing year on year, eventually our result also. Our college is equally encouraging curricular, co-curricular and social activities.

VISION: Shaping the students with the educational inputs to meet the challenges of change in socioeconomic environment

MISSION: Continuous upgradation of knowledge, skill and human values of our teachers and students.

We are very much aware of our responsibility to our students and do our very best to provide a most friendly and growth oriented ambience for them. We do everything in our capacity to ensure excellent standards that would secure them leadership in tomorrow’s challenging world. The vision behind the establishment of the college is to spread the light of knowledge and wisdom to kindle the ardour of faith does justice by Forming men and women for others who are: Academically accomplished Emotionally balanced Morally upright Socially responsible Ecologically sensitive Professionally dedicated INTEGRAL FORMATION: National Awareness is fostered through talks and seminars related to the building up of the nation and National Days are observed NSS and NCC cadets involving in various social activities Extension Activities and Outreach Programs are focused on the integral formation of the students STRIVE FOR TRUTH AND SERVICE: We provide quality education to our students Integrity and transparency are reflected in all the endeavours of the institution from the Admission process up to the conformant of Degree /placement and even beyond The institution stands for humanity, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search for truth. For this we create an environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation and mutual support The institution believes in the policy of inclusion and promotes the nation building qualities of equality, justice and fraternity. The commitment and the dedication of management and faculty members enabled the college to thrive well over the years. It is considered as leader in heralding best of education in commerce at university level. Our institute offers quality education by charging less fees. It is possible only when the institution wants to  serve the cause of good education without exploiting the ignorance of people. Later We felt the necessity of post-graduation in commerce and established during the year 2013-14 to promote higher education in commerce as priority area. Our institution, through quality education lays better foundation to students aspiring for professional courses like CAs, CMA, CS, MBA and others. In spite of great demand for the UG and PG offered, our institution sticks to its vision of providing the need based education at affordable charges. Therefore, the thrust area of the management of the institution is to serve people of oppressed categories without exploiting them under the pretext of quality education. In addition, the management distributes scholarships.