Facilities for Teaching  and Non Teaching staff :

The college is concerned about the well-being of its entire teaching and non teaching staff. Some of the major welfare for the staff are highlighted here below.

1. Types of leave provided:

Types of leave Teaching Non-Teaching Staff


Casual leave 15 days per annum 15 days per annum 15 days per anum
Earned leave 10 days per annum 30 days per annum 10 days per anum

by management. This facility helps employees save a fraction of their salary every month so that they can use the same in an event that the employee is temporarily or no longer fit to work or at retirement.

3. Annual weightage in monetary terms to management staff: Annual weightage in the form of additional increment will be given to those who have successfully cleared NET, SLET examinations.

4. ESI facility: ESI facility will be provided to management staff. It’s a type of social security scheme which oversees the provision of medical and cash benefits to the employees and their family. Two of our management staff has been benefited by this scheme.

5. Group insurance: Group insurance facility is also provided. It results in greater employee commitment and satisfaction.

6. Employee’s co-operative society: It caters to the urgent financial needs of the staff. Earlier the membership was limited to only Permanent staff, Now steps have been taken to extend this facility to management staff also.

7. Maternity leave: The institution is providing maternity leave facility to its female staff. They are entitled to 90 days of leave along with their salary. One of our faculties has been benefited by this facility.

8. Conducive environment for working: There is conducive work environment characterized by adequate seating, lighting and washroom facilities.

Canteen facility in campus with separate enclosure for ladies and staff: Hygienic canteen facility is available in the campus at reasonable rate for both teachers and students.