The internal assessment is carried out as per the pattern prescribed by the affiliating university. At present for undergraduate students, internal evaluation is for 20% of marks and for post graduate students for 25% of the marks in each subject. The evaluation is to be made on the basis of two internal tests, one assignment and attendance in each semester.

The first internal test is conducted at the completion of 8 weeks and second one after 12 weeks of each semester. The following strategies have been adopted by the institution for maintaining transparency in the internal evaluation system:

A separate Examinations Committee is formed to look in to the issues relating to internal assessment.

Teachers inform the students about the pattern of the internal examinations well in advance.

The examination notices are displayed well in advance and sufficient time is given to students for preparation.

Two sets of question papers are to be set by the teacher out of which one set will be randomly selected by the Chairman of the examination committee to maintain confidentiality about the

question paper.

The question paper will be printed outside the college and secrecy is maintained about the place where it will be printed.

The sealed question paper bundle will be kept in safe custody in principal’s chamber.

The question paper bundle is opened 30 minutes before the commencement of examination for supply to examination halls.

Seating arrangement for the students is made in such a way that no malpractice takes place. The students are monitored closely by the examination supervisors and also through CCTV.

Students’ grievances regarding Internal Assessment and allotment of marks are attended through the following mechanism.

· After evaluation of internal test, papers are shown to the students.

· Student’s signatures are obtained after the verification of the internal assessment marks.

· The consolidated internal assessment marks of each student are displayed on the notice board for the verification by the students.

· Student’s grievances are addressed by the respective teachers after verifying the records available with the faculty.

· The grievances not resolved at the teacher level will be attended by the Examination Committee and Principal.

End Semester Examination

· On-line submission of Revaluation is made available by the university.

Soon after the declaration of Sem. End result, university gives stipulated time frame for applying revaluation online. Pertaining to this, college notifies about revaluation and also concerned subject teachers guide students while applying revaluation.

· Students have the provision of getting the photocopy of answer script.

The students can also apply for Re-total and challenge evaluation within the stipulated time period soon after the announcement of end semester examination results. The college will extend all the help to the students in this regard and makes necessary follow up. Sample of a specific grievances redressal report is provided in addition information.