1. Uniform is compulsory for 4 days during a week.
    2. The college reserves the right to dismiss the student indulging in misbehaviour.
    3. The student should politely behave with the teachers, staff and the co-students.
    4. Unnecessary wandering on the corridor or any passage is prohibited.
    5. Prior permission from the Principal is necessary to contact anyone in the class room.
    6. The students should always have chest card and identity card during college hours.
    7. The students should not collect any donation, or should not organise any function without the permission from the Principal.
    8. The college will not arrange any trips for the students.
    9. Ragging is prohibited.
    10. Attendance is compulsory.
    11. In case any misbehaviour is found, the college reserves the right to initiate action against such students.
    12. Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the campus.
    13. Usages of Tobacco/ alcoholic drinks are fully prohibited inside the college campus.
    14. The decision of the Principal is final in the matter of discipline.


  1. Book bank.
    2. Scholarships for the majority of the students.
    3. Well furnished office room.
    4. Qualified and competent staff.
    5. Purified drinking water facility
    6. Ladies hostel facility
    7. Separate common room for ladies and gentleman.
    8. Sanitary napkin vending machine.
    9. Separate medical kit for ladies common room.
    10. Copier machine in the library.
    11. Inflibnet facility.
    12. Well furnished auditorium with AHUJA sound system with 700 seating capacity.
    13. Well furnished 2 computer labs. with 48 systems with LAN facility and ceramic flooring.
    14. Free internet facility for students.
    15. Business Lab.
    16. Well furnished 10 large sized class rooms with 125 sitting capacity with ceiling fans and light.
    17. Vetrified tiles on the first floor.
    18. Provision of dustbins for all the classes separately.
    19. 20 CC cameras at prominent places.
    20. Varieties of Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities.
    21. Accidental Insurance from KUD.
    22. First-Aid Medical Kit
    23. Separate parking slots for students and staff.
    24. Hygienic canteen
    25. Coin-box telephone in hostel
    26. Suggestion box



  1. Separate PG block with vitrified tiles.
    Library facility
    3. NET qualified staff
    4. Class rooms with smart boards.
    5. Separate ladies room facility
    6. Separate toilet facility
    7. 5 CC cameras at prominent places.
    8. Well furnished reading room
    9. Well furnished office
    10. One computer lab with 20 systems
    11. Wi-Fi facility
    12. Suggestion box