The ambiance of the college is very much student centric. In addition to the conventional mode of lecturing, other methods adopted by the faculty members include Interactive Methods, Project based learning, Computer assisted learning, Experiential Learning, etc. The Teaching –Learning activities are made effective through illustrations and special lectures. To acquire firsthand knowledge on the subjects and current practices, students are engaged in field study. Some of the lectures are being made through the usage of ICT and e-learning resources.

In this process of Experiential Learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies, the teacher’s role is that of a facilitator who promotes self management of knowledge, holistic development and skill formation through participatory learning activities such as using lecture method in combination with other teaching methods. There has been a paradigm shift in teaching from purely chalk and talk methods to adopting a judicious mix of lecture method and modern methods of pedagogy. Some of the specific initiation of Experiential Learning are ;

1. Interactive mode of communication skills through computer language laboratory.

2. With the support of Commerce Laboratory students get experience about banking transactions like; Opening Bank Account, Filling forms, writing cheque, Debit and Credit Cards , Demat Accounts etc.

3. Leadership abilities through various NSS / NCC activities.

4. Sufficient practical sessions for computer related subjects which enable student to be more competent to use computer skills efficiently.

5. Involvement of students in preparation of project reports.

Lecture Method: This conventional method is commonly adopted by all the teachers. This method facilitates a teacher to interpret, explain and revise the content of a text for better understanding of the subject by the learners.

Interactive Method: The faculty members make learning interactive with students by motivating student’s participation in group discussions, subject quiz, question-answer sessions, case study analysis etc.

ICT enabled teaching: ICT enabled teaching includes class rooms with LCD, Audio system and smart boards. Post graduate department and Department of Computer Applications in Business use ICT enabled teaching extensively. All the computers in the computer lab are having broad band internet connection and the students are allowed and encouraged to make use of the facility to increase their knowledge base. Inflibnet facility is available in the Library to help the students to have access to various books and related material.

Participative Learning: Students are encouraged to take active part in curricular, co curricular and extra- curricular activities. Students are motivated to present seminars on various topics in the class room and also guided some of the students to prepare and present paper presentations at the seminars, conferences, workshops, held at various levels. Brain storming sessions and group discussions are also being arranged for active participation of students on various topics. Students are encouraged to conduct various academicevents which can enrich learning experience.

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