College admits students from different backgrounds, urban-rural, English, Kannada and Urdu mediums, State- CBSE boards, Students from different socio- economic backgrounds etc. As the students taking admission in the college are from diverse backgrounds, their learning levels also vary. Language proficiency, competence, subject knowledge and extent of motivation are a few of the determining factors revealing advanced and slow learners. The learner levels are assessed at varying stages of the teaching- Learning Process.

At the entry stage, the overall percentage of marks obtained in the qualifying examination is an indicator.

Students’ language proficiency, regularity in attending the classes, attentiveness, participation in class room activities etc. are other indicators.

Students performance in various internal and external evaluations is another way of determining learner levels.

The College offers equal opportunities to all learners. The institution conducts doubt clearing classes, and application oriented programmes for all groups of students to increase their skills and competence. Some surprise tests are conducted by the faculty members to test their knowledge gained during classes. Enrichment courses like personality development programmes, seminars, training programmes, are conducted to improve the student’s mindset, creativity and motivate them to excel in their career.

Moreover, some extra efforts are taken to cater to the special needs of advanced and slow learners.

Slow Learners:

The college has implemented a proctor/mentor system to evaluate the student performance in periodic manner..The students who do not seem to cope up with the pace of learning are advised to go through the class note & study material provided by the faculty. Extra time is provided for these students by concerned faculty members. Remedial classes are also conducted for these students. The

college has witnessed a transformation in these students as a result of these measures.

Advanced learners:

The advanced learners are encouraged to present seminars in and outside the college, attend workshops, take part in case studies and motivated to pursue professional courses like CA, CS, CMA,M.B.A. M.Com. and other reputed courses in Financial and Development sector. They are also encouraged to take up value added and skill development certificate courses which meet the diverse needs of advanced learners. These students are provided with a set of books from the library for references. They are also encouraged through many Endowment Prizes.

A friendly atmosphere is maintained in the class room so that individual doubts can be discussed freely